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My Bitcoin Story: How I started with 1,000 Naira – Stephen

Have you ever hit that point where you asked yourself how could I be so stupid? Ah, I’m probably an ode.

FAQs for DropYourQuidax – QBAN Edition

We are giving away 1 million Naira to 200 people.You and the person you refer will receive 5,000 Naira each.You will need...

Introducing Quidax Bank Account Number (QBAN)

At Quidax we eat 😋, sleep 😴 and wake up (of course we also do other things) to think of ways to...

Do you want to join our Design Team?

We are looking for someone with a creative eye who can bring abstract stuff to life. We are looking for that type...

Update 007: Zero Maker Fees and Limitless Naira Deposit

Here are 3 updates that we released recently and a special shout out to the 007 community. We have named this set...

Drop Your Quidax Official Rules

#DropYourQuidax No purchase necessary to enter or win a prize in this giveaway (defined below). A purchase will...


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Crypto Weekly Bytes: Central Bank Digital Currency Tests

Last week saw France testing out a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the Euro and Khan foundation who want to keep helping students to learn while self-isolating and they need you to help out.

Crypto Weekly Bytes: Bitcoin’s New Bank

Over the course of last week and the weekend, Bitcoin experienced somewhat of a price recovery.But the best part of last week's news was crypto mining equipment’s use in coronavirus research.

Crypto Weekly Bytes –Libra’s Competiton and a Bill

Its 2414 and the people of the future are using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Libra (🙃) and other cryptocurrencies to transact. There’s something very noticeable missing, there’s no sight of fiat currencies. That’s a...

Crypto Weekly Bytes – Bitcoin’s Day in Court

Last week came with exciting news in the crypto space with news out of India that Bitcoin is back and not so exciting news that Facebook might be having a Libra rethink.

Weekly Crypto Bytes – Sitting on Riches

Its been some time since our last industry update and we are back to serve you the top crypto and blockchain from last week that you might have missed. To start off...

Weekly Cryptocurrency Bytes – December 16

Blockchain has made some giant strides this year and it appears it’s still poised to making even more before the year runs out.  Traditional financial institutions aren’t left out too. Europe...