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USDC and BUSD are Now on Quidax!!

Hey you 👋 We’re starting this week with good vibes! How? Basically, we're collecting stablecoins like infinity stones 💎.

News Roundup: What Caused the Crypto Dip?

Last week was one of those weeks where you’d just want to close your crypto apps and hope for the best 🙈....

The Cardano (ADA) Airdrop is Here- Stake QDX And Win!

Quidaxians, it’s another time to eat good! We’ve had a few holidays in the past week, and we at...

What Caused the UST and LUNA Crash? And How Does it Affect Bitcoin?

The past week has been something else entirely for the crypto market. Opening social media was a nightmare but we can all...

News Roundup: Bulls Gone On Break

The week was a pretty weird one. It started pretty bleak, got really exciting, and ended just like it started🎢. These wild...

News Roundup: “May” We Begin?

April’s come, April’s gone! ⚡After how the market moved last month, we’re definitely hoping to see better performances in May 🤞


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Inside Life at Quidax: The Badass Community Manager Killing it Every Day

Isn’t it amazing how once a year, there’s a whole day dedicated to signing out of Slack, not picking your boss’ calls, no Zoom meetings or shouting “can everyone see my screen” one million times?...