Shiba Inu, the self-proclaimed Dogecoin killer lived up to that title last week when its market cap crossed $38 billion. Dogecoin fell behind in the dust of Shib’s success with a market cap of $34 billion. You know what? It’s not a competition….or is it? 🌚 In this war of the woofs, will Dogecoin reclaim its spot as the 9th most relevant cryptocurrency or will it be thrown back into the doghouse? We’ll see 😅

Big Bits

Bitcoin is still leagues ahead of many cryptocurrencies this week. After briefly sinking to a low of $58,417, it quickly recovered to a high of $63,556 before settling at a sweet $61,540. Thank goodness 🕺🏾.

Ethereum is slowly but steadily inching towards a soft $5000 and it’s great but have you seen these gas prices??? 😫 These days, the average transaction on Ethereum could cost anywhere between $30 and $150 💔

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Check out which coins go up or down in price at the same time. 

New Kid on the Block

Babydoge coin avatar

BabyDoge Coin just arrived and is already making waves. After the success of Dogecoin earlier this year, it’s no surprise that everyone and their grandma has named their new cryptocurrency after a Dog. With a market cap of $900 million, 800,000+ wallets holding its token, and over $50 million traded so far, this is one coin we’re definitely watching. 

What Happened in Crypto Last Week?

  • Someone reportedly turned an $8000 SHIB investment into $5.7 billion 🤯. 
  • Ethereum hit a new all-time high of $4452.
  • Halloween NFTs flooded the crypto space and they’re creatively spooky. 
  • The Nigerian CBDC (eNaira) went live.
  • We listed Filecoin (FIL), Harmony (ONE), and Babydoge Coin (BABYDOGE) on Quidax.

What to Look Out for Next Week

  • Bitcoin is turning 13 🥺🎂 so don’t be surprised if it’s price does one or two things 👀.
  • Thanks to Facebook, it’s metaverse o’clock! So expect big companies to partner with crypto gaming platforms.
  • The crypto prices of game/metaverse platforms like Axie infinity and Decentraland may go up. 
  • A gazillion new meme coins will be created as everyone races to find the next DOGE or SHIB. 

Weekly Stats on our Cryptocurrencies 

Here’s a breakdown of how our listed coins performed last week: 

Coin Opening price (Sunday)Closing price (Saturday)% gain/lossWeekly HighWeekly Low
1Bitcoin (BTC)$60,054$61,5401.06%⬆$63,556$58,417
2Ethereum (ETH)$4,021$4,2144.87%⬆$4452$3933.7
3Litecoin (LTC)$190.3$189.90.34%⇩$204.2$180.7
4Ripple (XRP)$1.092$1.1490.03%⬆$1.162$1.015
5Dash (DASH)$208$1927.71%⇩$209.8$176.8
6Tron (TRX)$0.099$0.100.78%⬆$0.105$0.091
7PancakeSwap (CAKE)$19.6$17.411.28⇩$20$17.54
8Dogecoin (DOGE)$0.256$0.261.47%⬆$0.33$0.23
9Shiba Inu (SHIB)$0.000044$0.00006548.3%⬆$0.000089$0.000035
10Polygon (Matic) $1.5$1.818.4%⬆$2.2$1.7
11Safemoon (SAFEMOON)$0.0000022$0.0000055147%⬆$0.0000061$0.0000022
12Axie Infinity (AXS)$121.7$137.613.07%⬆$161.27$121.9
13Stellar (XLM)$0.375$0.3711.12%⇩$0.38$0.33
14AAVE (AAVE)$306$3081.9%⬆$422$305
15Filecoin (FIL)$62.8$65.13.66%⬆$65$55.2
16Harmony (ONE)$0.305$0.3011.36%⬆$0.37$0.29
17BabyDoge Coin (BABYDOGE)$0.0000000016$0.0000000035126.5%⬆$0.0000000046$0.0000000016
18Binance Coin (BNB)$474.21$5158.65%⬆$538.3$450.4
19Chainlink (LINK)$29.5$29.20.53%⬇$33.8$28.8

Top 5 Gainers of the Week (Out of the top 100 coins)

NamePercentage gain
1Decentraland (MANA)+309%
2Safemoon (SAFEMOON)+133%
3The Sandbox (SAND)+117%
4Shiba Inu (SHIB)+83%
5Ankr (ANKR)+59%

Top 5 Losers of the Week (Out of the top 100 coins)

NamePercentage Loss
1OKB (OKB)25%
2Stacks (STX)19%
3Decred (DCR)15%
4Celsius Network (CEL)12%
5Pancakeswap (CAKE)12%