The Oscars were last week, and the Grammys happened yesterday. It’s award season again, and we’re here for all the glam 🤩. 

But, even better than the Grammys was the market’s performance. Coins did really well last week, and we can finally breathe and smile to the bank! 🤑 Away from coin prices, here are some of the biggest headlines from last week:

Ripple Is Going After Bitcoin 😱

Last week, Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple Labs, launched a campaign to change Bitcoin’s code 🤯. The campaign is a collab between Larsen, Greenpeace, and other climate groups, and its focus is to make Bitcoin more eco-friendly.

We get why Larsen wants Bitcoin to be greener 🌳. But, not many in the industry want to make this change. And, some have also criticized Larsen and Ripple for this. What do you think? 

Crypto At The Grammys 🎵

So the Grammys happened yesterday. We were all excited to see some of our faves win (yay for Big Wiz! 🦅), but we were even happier to see crypto at the Grammys as well. 

Okay, so crypto didn’t actually win a Grammy award 😅. But, the Recording Academy partnered with Tezos and others to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other cool drops to engage better with music fans. We can’t wait to see what they have for us!

Planet Of The Apes! 🦧

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has been on everyone’s mind all month. The NFT collection’s raptors, Yuga Labs, got $450 million in funding last month 💰. And, they launched a new coin called ApeCoin that’s doing pretty well. 

Last week, Yuga Labs said that they’re also working on building their metaverse 🌐. The metaverse will use basically everything they’ve built so far – ApeCoin, Bored Ape NFTs, you name it. Anyone want a banana? 

MicroStrategy, Mega Appetite! 😋

You guys remember MicroStrategy? That company that was buying billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin like there’s no tomorrow? Well, they’re back and buying like they never left 😤. 

MicroStrategy announced last week that one of its companies has raised $205 million in loans 🥵. And guess what they’re spending it on – that’s right, Bitcoin! The market has nothing on these guys! 

Axie Infinity’s Mixed Week 🙈

Metaverse fans, we got some bad news. Last week, Axie Infinity was hacked and they lost about $612 million 😱. But here’s the fun part – everyone thought that the hack was going to kill the price of Axie Infinity (AXS), but it didn’t. In fact, AXS traded up following the hack. Weird times, right 😂. If you’re trying to buy some AXS, remember that we’ve got you covered on Quidax 😉. Also, remember to stay safe, guys. Here’s a post to help you out.