We’re eagerly counting down the days before Bitcoin crosses $50,000 again 🚀. If you stuck around throughout the downturn, give yourself a treat this week – you definitely earned it 🙂. 

Besides the popping crypto market, a lot went down last week across the cryptoverse 🌏. Let’s take a look at the hottest news:

Coins for the King 👑

Lionel Messi shook the world last week when he left FC Barcelona and joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 🤯. The 🐐 will earn between $41 million and $47 million yearly in Paris, but he was also given $PSG fan tokens as part of his “welcome package.”😃 Fan tokens allow holders – mostly fans – to vote on minor team decisions. PSG didn’t say how much he would earn, but they said it would be “significant.” 😉

Crypto is Coming Full Circle ⭕

We reported last month that Circle – the company behind USDC – wants to go public 📈. Well, they’re not done yet. Last week, Circle announced that it plans to become a national crypto bank in the United States 🏦. Circle believes that this will grow the crypto industry’s potential for changing how people spend and invest money. These guys are ready to join the big boys! 🚀

From Conspiracy Theories to a Unicorn 🦄

Reddit is the one place you can go to find the hottest coins 😉. The platform has become more popular this year, and its bank account is booming too! 💰 On Thursday, Reddit announced a Series F funding round where it expects to raise $700 million 🤑. This means that the company is now worth $10 billion. Reddit is also planning to go public sometime, so the stock watchers among us should get ready 👀.

Got Coins? Spend ‘Em Now 🪙 

Venmo, a popular payment service owned by PayPal, has expanded its support for crypto 👎. On Tuesday, the company launched a “Cash Back to Crypto” service. With this, people with Venmo credit cards will be able to convert their cashback rewards to cryptocurrencies ⚡. Venmo supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. If you’ve got one of their cards and want to spend crypto easily, this is big news 👏.  

We’re “Ghana” Get a CBDC Soon 🇬🇭

The Bank of Ghana wasn’t joking around when it said it was launching an e-cedi 😃. We got word on Wednesday that they partnered with a German currency provider to launch the upcoming currency 🤝. Both parties will partner on the e-cedi’s pilot tests, which should happen later this year 🗓️. If the tests are successful, the currency will be launched to everybody! 🚀