It was another awesome week for crypto investors! Coin prices are jumping even higher, and we’re seeing a lot of innovation to make crypto better. At this point, October is in the running for “Month of the Year.” 

New High. Who’s this? 😎

Bitcoin crossed one milestone two weeks ago, and it crushed another last week. For the first time since May 2021, Bitcoin’s price hit $60,000! The price might have slipped below that point again, but we’re making progress, people! 💪 It’s been a wild ride for the past six months, but it seems we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Feels good, doesn’t it?  

Crypto to the Skies! ✈️

Venezuela has been adopting cryptocurrencies pretty rapidly in recent years. Last week, local reports claimed that a major airport in Venezuela’s capital city – Caracas – wants to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method 👏. If the reports are true, people could pay for flight tickets and other services using crypto at the airport. Another score for adoption. 

The Block is Hot. Literally 🥵

Remember when everyone was criticizing Bitcoin mining for its effects on the environment? Well, MintGreen – a Canadian company – wants to do something about it. Last week, MintGreen announced that it plans to convert most of the energy gotten from Bitcoin mining into heat 🔥. The company will supply this heat to homes in the Northern Vancouver area. Seems that mining has found its silver lining. 

Tesla Goes Zoom 🏎️ 

Tesla made headlines when it invested $1 billion into Bitcoin earlier this year. That bet is now paying off quite nicely. Data from Bitcoin Treasuries showed that by last week, the company had made a profit of $1.5 billion from its Bitcoin purchase 🤑. Even though Tesla won’t accept Bitcoin for payments yet, Elon Musk’s baby is still cashing out. Talk about goals.  

Stripe Sees the Light 👨‍💻

Crypto payments are the future – and more institutions are starting to see it. The latest company to see the light is Stripe; one of the biggest payment processors. Now that PayPal and Square are heavily into crypto, Stripe is doing the same. The company published a job listing for a new crypto team. Think you got what it takes? Shoot your shot, then 🚀.