If you’ve got crypto right now, you probably had a great weekend 😃. Coins are green everywhere 📈, and investors are confident again. This is the type of news we want to see, baby!👏

So, what else happened over the week? Let’s take a look: 

Who Wants to Go Shopping? 😃

We’re all still waiting for Amazon’s cryptocurrency ⏰. But, at least we’ve got Shopify to look forward to. Last week, Binance Pay partnered with Alchemy Pay to bring crypto payments to Alchemy’s clients 💰. Since Shopify is an Alchemy Pay partner, its customers will now be able to pay for products online using over 40 cryptocurrencies! Yay 🥳.  

Naija to the World! 🇳🇬

Remember when the Central Bank tried to sideline crypto in Nigeria? 👀 Data from Google Trends shows that Nigeria still has the highest search interest for “Bitcoin” in the world. We’re also the world’s second-largest market for P2P Bitcoin trading 💪. Alexa, play Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down,” please 😃.  

Going to London 🇬🇧

Last week was a pretty huge one for Ethereum as the London hard fork went live 🚀. The hard fork brought several new features to the Ethereum blockchain. It is another check as Ethereum works towards its Ethereum 2.0 upgrade ✅. So far, everyone says the hard fork was a success. Plus, ETH just crossed $3,000 for the first time since May. Win, win 🏆

A DOGEy Purchase 🏠

If you’re a crypto fan and would like to buy a house, then maybe head over to Utah 👀. Scott Paul, a marketing entrepreneur in the state, is putting his house up for sale. The lovely home is going for $399,000, but you could get a smashing 10% discount if you pay using Dogecoin 🤩. Paul says he’s been a crypto fan since 2015. Now, he’s putting his money where his mouth is 👏.

Coming Soon: MiamiCoin 🚀

Miami’s mayor has been a crypto fan for a while. Now, he’s pushing for the city to become the first to launch a cryptocurrency 🤯. MiamiCoin will be the first “citycoin” to launch, and Miami’s government hopes to use it for pretty much everything – trading, payments, and civic engagement 😎. The coin hasn’t launched yet, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it 👀.