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What’s Going on in Crypto? All Eyes on XRP

It wasn’t the best week for the market 😮‍💨. After inflation in the US was reported to be even higher than expected,...

Earn Up to 10% Interest with Quidax USD Savings

Guess what!! You can now save and earn interest in dollars 🎉. But first, here’s why this feature might be the best...

Quidax Millionaire Promo: ₦10 million + a Dubai Trip Up for Grabs

Quidax and Big Brother have another package coming your wayyyyy! 🎉 This Big Brother season, we’re giving 10 million...

What’s Going on in Crypto: Will Ethereum’s Price Explode?

It was another mixed week for the market. While things started hot and coins were on a roll, the hype cooled down...

What is the Ethereum Merge and How Does it Affect You?

Remember last year, when Ethereum teased the coming of a new network upgrade called Ethereum 2.0? Well, the final stage known as...

What’s Happening In Crypto? Polygon Made Big Jumps

The week was relatively green for crypto prices 📈 - pretty normal, since coins have dipped for about two weeks now. We’re...


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