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Wakanda Inu Token [WKD]: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve all seen Marvel’s “Black Panther.” It was the biggest movie of 2018 (move over, “Avengers”), and a huge cultural hit. Wakanda...

News Roundup: We’re Thankful For You

Last week, many of us gathered around with our families to enjoy Thanksgiving 🦃. But, amongst everything that’s happened this year, we’re...

Quidax Black Friday: Trade Your Favorite Coins and Get Money!

Black Friday is here, people! 🥳 It’s time to check your shopping carts and look out for deals on some of your...

News Roundup: Welcome to the Coin Age

Okay, so the market dipped a little bit last week. But hey, it’s been performing pretty well for the past two months....

Update: 350 Billion Wakanda Inu Airdrop for the Next 7 Days!!

Update: We started our Wakanda Inu token airdrop last week with 200 Billion Wakanda Inu up for grabs. But now we're extending...

Deposit Day Challenge: Win Out of 1.5 Million Naira!!!

Did you know that Deposits and withdrawals are back on Quidax? And you can fund your wallet in minutes? Think we’re kidding?...


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