Attention everyone!!! QDX Vault is here!!!🎉

Yessss, it’s about time 😅. We’ll be doing a soft rollout of QDX Vault to get feedback from you. So QDX Vault is only available on the Quidax website for now. 

But don’t worry QDX Vault will be coming to the Quidax mobile app in a couple of days and you will be able to send/receive QDX on Quidax a few days after that.

Early stakers will get an additional 5% of the first airdrop. The first 3 token rewards to expect from the QDX Vault are: Shib, Matic and BlocSport.

If you’ve seen our roadmap, then you have an idea of what Quidax Vault is all about. But we’ll break it down even more.

What is QDX Vault?

You know how you can lock your money in a vault or safe so that you can keep it for later? Quidax Vault is almost the same thing. But the difference is that when you lock your QDX for some time, it will qualify you for airdrops and other rewards. This means that as we list *new cryptocurrencies, you could also get them for free by locking (staking) your QDX.

How Will QDX Vault Work? 

There are two major things you can do with the vault: Staking and Unstaking.


This is when you lock your QDX in the QDX Vault so that you can get rewards and cryptocurrency for free when they are listed on Quidax. The more QDX you lock the more cryptocurrency you can earn.


This allows you to remove your QDX from the vault. You will no longer be able to earn free crypto when you unstake your QDX before the given time period.

How to Stake QDX 

  1. Log in to your Quidax Account and click on Quidax Token
  2. Then click on Vault right beside Buy/Sell
  3. Enter the amount of QDX you want to stake and click on “Stake QDX”

👏 👏👏 That’s it you have now staked your QDX.

Some Important Things You Should Know

To use QDX Vault for the most benefits, here are some things you should know:

  • The longer you stake your coins in the QDX Vault, the more free tokens you can earn 💵.
  • The more QDX you stake, the more you can earn 🌚.
  • The minimum you can stake to earn tokens and rewards is 500 QDX 💰.
  • Tokens and reward distribution will be based on the average amount of QDX you have staked over a 30 day period.

Why Should You Use QDX Vault?

The more QDX you lock in the Quidax Vault, the more rewards you get! As part of our plan to bring DeFi +CeFi to your fingertips, we’ll be listing more than 100 tokens in the coming weeks and months so grab an umbrella because it’s raining free tokens over here☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use QDX Vault?

QDX Vault gives you access to free cryptocurrencies that you would have had to buy on your own. All you need to do is buy QDX and stake it in the QDX Vault to earn free cryptocurrencies and other rewards.

What determines the number of tokens I will receive after staking my QDX?

The average amount you stake in the QDX Vault over a 30 day period will determine how many tokens you will receive. 

What is the minimum and maximum amount of QDX I can stake?

The minimum amount of QDX you can stake is 500 QDX. There’s no maximum amount of QDX you can stake.

Does staking a higher amount of QDX mean more tokens and rewards?

Yes, the more QDX you stake and the longer you stake it for, the more tokens and rewards you will earn.

Can I use QDX Vault from anywhere in the world?

Yes, anyone in the world can use the QDX Vault apart from US Citizens and OFAC sanctioned countries.

*Not all new cryptos that are listed on QDX will be given as airdrops.
Also, this is not investment advice or a recommendation to buy QDX.