Your Easy Guide to Understanding Crypto

You’ve been hearing ‘crypto’ up and down and wondering what this thing is. You’ve tried to understand it but it’s just not entering. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Do you know what’s crazy? There are now 3 times more young Nigerians using Bitcoin in 2020 than in 2019. Nobody wants to carry last anymore 😄. Like some experienced traders have told us in their Bitcoin Stories, people are seeing that Bitcoin trade can be extremely profitable. 

Do you know what else is interesting? Currencies like Tether (USDT) let you store your money as a dollar form of crypto. How mad is that?

With the way this economy is behaving, we know you’ve started making plans. Don’t worry, our guides will make everything soft for you. Just start here:

  1. All You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies in 5 Minutes 
  2. 4 Tips When Investing in Cryptocurrency
  3. 5 Safety Tips for a Crypto Newbie
  4. What is driving the growth of cryptocurrencies
  5. 6 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Apart from Bitcoin
  6. What is USDT and why should you use it? 

Quidax Africa
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